This is a self hosted secret share written in Python using flask

Enter in the secret you would like to share in the large textbox, then enter a passphrase, select if you want to secret to be deleted immediatly once it is read, and the expiration time on that secret.

The passphrase will be used to encrypt the secret with a unique salt. The passphrase is not stored, but it is required to decrypt the secret. When you send the unique link to the secret, you must also provide the passphrase so the secret can be decrypted.

The expiration time ensures that if the receiver of the secret does not read it within the time frame, the secret will still be deleted. This can also be used if you need to share the secret with multiple people, but only want it to be available for a certain amount of time.

Secret is a required field
Passphrase is a required field to encrypt the message